Monday, December 21, 2009

Habs vs. Thrashers - Need the Two Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Starting the fourth line in the third period of a close game against a team that's been outplaying you might not have been the swiftest of coaching decisions, there, Jacques.

-Way to go Gorges. I think he's up to about nine goals against directly caused by him knocking down or falling on his own goalie.

-It looks like Hedberg's got Spongebob on his mask.

-Metro versus the entire Thrashers PP was like watching one of those war movies where the guy in the pillbox holds off half the German army.

-Watching this team is so bloody frustrating. It's a never-ending loop of giveaway/penalty/giveaway/failed rush/giveaway/failure to clear. It's enough to make you stomach sick. Oushot 48-22 in regulation by the Thrashers is humiliating and disgraceful.

-Christmas has come early for Marc-Andre Bergeron. He'll thrive on the PP with Markov dishing up goals like that. I hope he's not badly hurt. Same for Mara and Moen. When will the stinkin' injuries ever stop?

-And speaking of presents for MAB, how about Pleks with the Czech sausage? What a night for him!

-I think it's safe to say Halak stole that one?

-The Habs really, really needed the two points.

Notes on the second:

-Spacek looks really tired. His body language is saying, "Come on, will someone race back for the puck and help me out here? I'm old!"

-Plekanec has a beautiful shot when he chooses not to pass instead.

-Andrei Kostitsyn traditionally wakes from his long winter's nap in December. I wonder why we forget that every year and make up trade rumours instead of just waiting for him?

-Gomez can certainly burn through the neutral zone with the puck. He's got jets. Costs as much as one too.

-Well, apparently while I wasn't looking, the Habs have quietly crept into eighth in the league on the PP, with a 21.8% success rate. They're also seventh in the league on the PK, at 84%.

-It'd be nice to win a draw once in a while.

-The Habs' D trying to contain Afinogenov's speed is like trying to hold up a brick with a soggy paper towel.

-Halak is not only standing on his head, he's breakdancing on it. His craptacular team is on pace for giving up 54 shots.

-If the Habs don't smarten up in the third period, they're going to see the Thrashers come back to take these two points.

Notes on the first:

-The Habs breakout is still terrible, even with Markov. It's like watching a dumb kid doing calculus.

-I wonder how they calculate faceoff wins/losses on the ones that just sort of lie there with nobody in control?

-Bogosian is going to be a really good defenceman. Too bad Habs' first-rounders don't turn out like that.

-The best thing about Gionta's return will be the banishment of Lapierre forever to the fourth line and Laraque to the veggie buffet in the press gallery.

-Wasn't it Valabik who Crosby nailed in the 'nads repeatedly while the guy's back was turned and he was fighting someone else? That was so classy!

-Habs look as stalled as the Chunnel train tonight.

-Well, it seems our guys are well on their way to being outshot and overly penalized again. I wonder why Halak actually wants to play MORE of these games?

-Welcome to the Habs' PP: Land of a thousand passes.

-How many times has Andrei Kostitsyn fanned on a perfect setup? I'm thinking more than twelve and slightly less than infinity.

-I think Markov's shot is heavier than it used to be before he got hurt. Must be all that rehab time in the weight room. Or my imagination.

-Nothing worse than a goal with less than a minute to go. But when the shots are 18-3, it's just a matter of time. Not much Halak could do when the puck was kicked in like that.

-There'd better be some life in the Habs next period, or this is going to be a very ugly game. We can add it to the collection.


Joël said...

Worst game of the season so far? This may very well be worst that the nightmare in Nashville...

dusrt said...

Comment on the first.
Where is the desire to compete? the will to win? They'll probably blame the weather. Looks like I'll be watching some other game real soon!

tsm said...

What - no comment on the Gomez shank? I don't believe it.

Joël said...

Thank God at least we have a powerplay...

Larry said...

With Markov back I think MAB will get 20 goals
Again though a tough game to watch and horrors to come flash through my mind, but when we win I whistle the evening away and do the dishes with a smile

Anonymous said...

Entering our defensive zone seems as easy as entering through the doors of any saloon, back in the old West. Is that THE SYSTEM ? Or is it the players ?