Saturday, December 19, 2009

Habs vs. Isles - Blizzard On Broadway Edition

Notes on the third:

-How much nicer would the fourth line be with Ryan White on it instead of Georges Laraque? It'd be like getting the iPod Touch in your stocking, instead of coal.

-Moulson is making Mara look drunk all night. Good thing the Habs have Halak as DD.

-Do they dare play Markov in Toronto on Boxing Day? If they paid him according to his worth to the team, he'd have to have a Brinks truck taking his salary to the bank.

-Nice to see Muller on the bench wearing his intense captain face.

-Biggest difference between this year and last year: when Gorges got nailed last year, nobody even helped him up. This year when he got hit after the whistle, four Habs immediately went after the culprit. This ship might be going down, but they're going down together.

-Watching the Habs break out of their zone is like watching a failed game of Connect Four.

-Wow, it's nice to look forward to power plays again.

-That wretched Biron has had Plekanec's number since the '08 playoffs.

-Halak can really shut it down when he's hot. It's nice to see a great effort unmarred by a stupid fluke goal.

-Nice win. The team really, really needed that. Now they need another one on Monday.

Notes on the second:

-Watching the Markov out there again gave me the same kind of choked, happy feeling I get watching the last scene of "It's A Wonderful Life."

-Plekanec has decided to join the stupid patrol with the rest of his mates who take dumbass penalties.

-Halak's playing like he knows there are scouts in the building. I don't want him traded though. They wouldn't get what he's worth.

-I fear Pax is going to be a tougher, smarter Higgins. He's already showing a devastating lack of finish.

-RDS showed Markov checking his stick blade after the second goal. He looked exactly like a gunfighter in the Old West, blowing the smoke off his pistol.

-From behind, Jacques Martin's ears look like the handles on a suger bowl.

-Without Markov and Halak, this game is a scoreless tie. The rest of them need to pick it up.


Joël said...

God we missed Markov!! :)

Larry said...

Totally agree on the Halak comment. At this time we will not get what he is worth. Hang on to him Bob. Not sure yet that he isn't our goalie going forward.

Larry said...

No notes on the first? Are you like me, kind of waiting it out, read a book maybe and see how it goes before investing too much Saturday night emotion into them after the last week?

J.T. said...

@Larry: I was at a Christmas party during the first. The emotion was there...but it had to be banked until I got home!

Scott in Montreal said...

This team could still gel. Markov's return is key. Gionta better hustle if he wants to be in the running for a top gun role. Cammy wants the C bad. If they end December okay, they will have a very decent chance, actually. Other teams will have tough schedules to deal with in the latter half of the season while we might just be sitting pretty.

Markov out of the line-up was like the X-Men minus Colossus - and it's a toss-up who has the better Hinglush.

dusty said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about the Habs now that Markov is back. I think the Islanders looked the better team but Halak was outstanding. It would be nice to see a couple of convincing wins, maybe when Gionta and Hamrlik get back. Too bad Bob won't trade Price as he would probably bring a top 6 forward the team needs.
Was watching the Duck game and the announcers were praising Chipchura as a smart player who makes good decisions and as a good addition to the team. He scored a goal and looked good. I guess he was too nervous playing in Montreal. Good for him.