Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wild vs. Habs - Stop the Bleeding Edition

Notes on the third:

-Gomez responds as well to being hit as a poodle.

-What I don't understand is why, if New Jersey has learned so much from Montreal, guys like Gomez and Gionta can't bring that back to Montreal *from* New Jersey. Do they not recognize what the Devils do right and the Habs do wrong?

-The first line generates more chances than a drunk girl playing spin the bottle.

-The booing is ridiculous. These guys aren't dogging it. They're just not good enough, and that's not their fault.

-Why is Martin drawing plays when they're down two goals with a minute to go? Is it to make him look good on TV? Because, if that's so, someone should tell him his ears have already destroyed that possibility.

-Good for Gui. He doesn't have to cough up the money he had on the table for the win.

-Our team just sucks like a jet engine.

Notes on the second:

-It must be cold in the corridors at the Bell Centre, when you can tell that Guillaume Latendresse's nipples point downward during his RDS interview.

-Cammalleri's feeling a bit desperate, I think. He scores most of his goals about twenty feet from the net, but he's shooting from fifty feet out now.

-I understood the point Ghandi was making with the hunger strike. And the point Sinead O'Connor made when she shaved her head. But I don't get the point of Georges Laraque in an NHL lineup. I'm pretty sure it's not as meaningful as the other two.

-I wonder if Santa will bring the Habs a powerplay before the end of the year?

-You know what? At this moment Andrei Kostitsyn is playing better than Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Zach Parise and Ryan Getzlaf. So maybe the 2003 draft wasn't a bust after all.

-Among legends I've heard about are the Loch Ness Monster, vampires and the Habs' team speed.

-The Habs never getting the man advantage pretty much makes Bergeron a eunuch.

-Oh my God! A closeup of Koivu on the bench made me realize he's actually the love child of his brother and Mike Komisarek.

-Pacioretty seems to have quieted down a bit. He was more visible in the last few games.

-Habs often have a big second period. Sometimes a big first. Not often a big third, but control was in their favour in the latter half of the second, so I hope it continues, and translates into...let's see...three! goals in the final period.

Notes on the first:

-Just when I was cursing Hal Gill for being a gigantic traffic cone on the Wild goal, Gomez and Kostitsyn teamed up for that beauty for the Habs.

-Jaro Spacek was Buffalo's number-one D last year. Buffalo missed the playoffs. Not a promising fact for tonight.

-It's kind of funny listening to the crowd boo Gui, ten minutes after TSN was raving about what a fan favourite he was in Montreal.

-Speaking of whom, I wonder why he seems so very bitter? It's not like he wasn't given lots of chances to make a mark for the Habs.

-Maybe Gomez needs to talk to his linemates more. (If he can figure out who'll they'll be from game to game.) He seems to want to pass to someone who's not there.

-Price looks shakier than Santa's belly so far. Not that his "defence" is helping much.

-My favourite name in hockey: Cal Clutterbuck.

-Taking tons of penalties are like those Christmas furniture sales. You don't pay for thirteen months, but then the collection agent is at your door.

-Gomez is a great passer, but in terms of overall play, he's to a guy like Ovechkin what chicken broth is to five-alarm chile. I don't get excited by him.

-I don't feel positive about this, but I could be wrong.


dusty said...

I have been thinking alot about the Habs as an organization. Your first question - why Devils are winners and Gionta and Gomez have no effect on the Canadiens losing ways has crossed my mind more than once lately. Well, I think the Habs have become used to losing over the past 10 to 15 years and it has become acceptable. The Habs history of greatness ended more than 20 years ago. The team doesn't have a captain, a true leader and hasn't had one since Bob Gainey. I love Saku Koivu but he was not a strong leader. I'm glad he was given a chance to finish his career elsewhere and maybe win a cup before he retires.
It seems to me that the majority of players for the Canadiens are used to losing and have become comfortable with it. The pay is the same, right? So Gomez and Gionta may want to win but they can't do it by themselves. They were part of the Devils, a winning franchise top to bottom. The Habs have become a losing organization top to bottom. If the rest of the team doesn't really care how much of a difference can a couple of Devils make? Oh they say they want to win but the is no real passion or commitment. And there is no player in the locker room whom they fear to face after a loss. I don't think there is a captain on this team and apparently management feels the same way. Until losing stops being a comfortable option the Habs will limp along as is. Let's face it. Any team that has Laraque, Lapierre, D'Agostini, S. Kostitsyn, Metropolit, Pacioretty and Pyatt (and look forward to Pouliot joining the roster) is not very good anyway. I can only imagine how sorry Gionta and Cammalleri are that they signed in Montreal and Gomez must be wishing he had done better in New York and had not been dumped by Sather.
A return to respectabilty must come before a return to glory is possible. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

Wow, seems I will search for the 2010 NHL Amateur Draft List, our hopes are probably there now.

Brian said...

I missed it, but I take it they sucked.

Anastasia said...

I really hope you don't stop writing these, J.T. They make even the worst games just that bit less unbearable. :)

pfhabs said...


-Gionta & Gomez are winners playing along side a bunch of losers.. quite a statement. perhaps you should research your hockey history before making such a statement

-please tell me if you remember whom they played with when G&G won those two cups ? if not, here's a hint; Neidermeyer, Danekyo, Elias, Langenbrunner, Stevens and some guy named Brodeur just to mention 6 teammates at the height of their careers or on the rise. that doesn't exist in MTL who are mostly a combination of players beyond their prime, players just starting their careers and a couple in their prime (Markov & Cammelleri)

-so rather than say G&G are winners and the rest are losers perhaps it would serve you better to realize that G&G played with a stacked lineup and a HoF goalie when they won. perhaps it was about the team they played on and not just Gomez and Gionta being great which is debatable

-this team sucks because its management is incapable of building a Stanley Cup contender and has shown this over the last 6+ years

-as for Saku "not being a strong leader"..remind me when you played on his line/team or when you were even in that dressing room. thought so. I'll defer to those that played with him and their comments about his leadership

Unknown said...

Watching the Habs now is like watching a car crash. Morbid curiosity holds your gaze, but at some point you just have to look away.