Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pens vs. Habs - The Someone Stop Crosby Edition

Notes on the third:

-D'Agostini RDS interview: Have to get the puck behind their D and play as much in their end as we can. Hmm. Do they really have to have media training to say that?

-I was just wondering where O'Byrne was all night when he took that holding penalty. But, it's good to not notice your Ds, right...?

-I'm so glad to see the CH back at centre ice. May that Centennial logo be damned to the hell from whence it sprung.

-Crosby is like a national flag. It must never, ever be allowed to touch the ground without a reprimand.

-Did you SEE the Pens hacking at Spacek's knee in the crease? This is why injuries are kept under wraps.

-My lord, for large chunks of that period it was like watching priests versus altar boys.

-Price. Why? Why, after all the major league stops, why? Okay. Breathe. He stopped shots that should have been sure goals. But "stealing" means stopping the easy ones too. This is why Price will never be a shutout goalie.

-If I was a Make-A-Wish kid, my wish would be to kick Crosby in the nuts. I hate that guy.

-Hope for a win in Atlanta. This is getting serious.

Notes on the second:

-Seriously, they need to do nothing but practice passing the puck from the D to the rushing forwards. Over and over again until they get it. If rats can find the cheese in the lab maze, the Habs can do this.

-I spoke too soon on D'Agostini. Nice to see him use the shot like it should be used. Maybe he'd benefit to play on Metro's wing a little more. Whatever he does though, he's got to harness it more consistently. Patient Bob doesn't seem to be very patient this year.

-Hammer time! Duh-duh-duh-duh-da-duh-da-duh. I have no problem resurrecting 1986 in some cases.

-With Price, you just have to forget the bad goals and realize most goalies would have allowed goals on the tough shots Price stopped and stopped the sucky ones, so it would have turned out the same anyway.

-Well, it's very nice to see the Habs, depleted though they are, hanging with the champs. If this goes to OT, anything can happen.

Notes on the first:

-I notice Mathieu Dandenault has caught on with the Hartford Wolf Pack in the AHL, playing in a forward/D hybrid role. I hope it leads to a new NHL gig for him.

-Dressing room footage on RDS: Spacek and MAB look like Jack Sprat and his wife.

-The zone clearances have to get a LOT better. The Pens know it's coming up the boards and they play it that way.

-Hal Gill's been playing some good defensive hockey since his foot got better. But man, he's still got the turning radius of a battleship. Now that he's in Canada, will the USS Hal Gill be rechristened HMCS Hal Gill?

-Does Gonchar really need to be sitting there, laughing out loud after he scores? I hope the Habs make him eat it.

-I know it's tempting to sit back and watch the champs play with the puck, but someone's got to watch the back door and keep the robbers out.

-Ugh. Price in the Grim Reaper mask. I don't like that thing. I looks like something a sixteen-year-old would have painted on the gas tank of his Honda CR85R

-Spacek appears to be hurting. His backwards mobility is severely compromised at this point.

-D'Agostini could soon be the next guy playing himself off the team unless he does something useful soon.

-Well, it looks like the "shocked to be in a hockey game" twenty minutes to start every game has been cut to ten. They ended the period well, but wow! They have to find some finish!


Anonymous said...

Hey-the Make a Wish comment was the best yet !!! I hate him too,Boone has a man crush on Crosby -yuck !The game should have been a tie-Lee is a moron
Really look forward to your hilarious take on each period.

Unknown said...

Hey, at least we had a lead on Pit for the first time this season...

DB said...

I'm tired of this "rope-a-dope" hockey. Sitting back waiting for the other team to tire themselves out just results in most of the game being played in the Habs end and the Hab's defense getting tired. If this keeps up I think Hamrlik will weigh 150 pounds at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

If Crosby was with the CH, I'm sure there would be less nut kicking...

Rookie said...

The Make-a-wish comment just made my week. You deserve a hug and a Pulitzer.

In case this nameless wonder wants to know: Yes, I'd probably hate him just as much if he was a Hab. Maybe just a bit less, but probably just as much.