Friday, January 1, 2010

Today's the Day!

It's January 1! Today, Bob Gainey can legally get on the phone and offer Tomas Plekanec a long-term extension. I expect he's probably doing that right now. I imagine this very conversation is happening as I write this:

Plekanec: Hello?
Gainey: Hello, Tomas. It's Bob.
Plekanec: Ah, Bob. I've been expecting your call.
Gainey: are you doing?
Plekanec: Well, you know. A little tired after the road trip. And racking up all those points. Cammy told me last night I've been the second-highest scorer in the entire league in December. Can you believe that?
Gainey: Mmmm...heh. That's pretty great. We've all had extraordinary months like that in our careers.
Plekanec: Yeah, I guess so. Just about every guy I've ever played with has had a month like that. I just can't remember any of them right now.
Gainey: You're not going to make this easy, are you?
Plekanec: What? I thought you just called to wish me a happy New Year. Ha ha. Just kidding.
Gainey: Okay. Happy New Year. Now, I think we have a little business to discuss. I'm interested in extending your participation with our group, Tomas. I could go to your agent right now, but I think you and I have a comfortable enough relationship for me to discuss this with you directly. I'm prepared to offer you a six-year deal, for a total of 28-million dollars. What do you think?
Plekanec: Wow. I don't know what to say. After all the down times I've been through, you'd do that for me? Just because I'm second in the league in assists and eighth in overall scoring?
Gainey: I'd like to get this wrapped up as quickly as possible, so I'll give you some time to think...
Plekanec: No, no! I'll take it Bob. I just want to stay with the Habs, and this offer is making it possible.
Gainey: Don't you want to talk it over with anyone?
Plekanec: No, this is my decision, and it's the right one. I'm sure.
Gainey: Excellent. I'll fax you the contract and you can sign it right away. Shall I add a no-trade clause?
Plekanec: Oh, sure. That'd be great. Then I won't have to listen to those annoying rumours anymore. So, you send the paperwork and I'll see you tomorrow at practice.
Gainey: Consider it done.
Plekanec: One more thing, Bob? How are you going to fit that under the cap?
Gainey: Um...honestly? I've got no idea. But I'm sure I need to keep you. I'll worry about the rest later.
Plekanec: Happy New Year, Bob.
Gainey: Happy New Year, Tomas.

At least, that's the conversation I hope is happening today, or will be happening in the next few weeks. What better time to dream than at the beginning of a brand new year?

Which reminds me...Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2010 brings us all many reasons to celebrate.


Arune Singh said...

I keep hoping we'll get some news today. We gotta re-sign the guy!

Anonymous said...

More than likely the conversation would go like this.
G: "Tomas, it is that time."
T: "Bob. I have the utmost respect for you, and you stuck with me, giving me a chance. The team Montreal Canadiens is where I want to play...hang on I have to take this.....thanks, and Montreal is where I want to be, but if this is about contracts, and not a trade ha, ha, ...Bob...Bob..?"
G: "I'm still here."
T: "Ha...hmmm...anyway you should really talk to my agent. Just so we don't get in an adversarial relationship you know...and if the dollars are know I'm sure we can make something happen."
G: "Talk to Curran."
T: "Yeah."
G: "Ok then Tomas."
Speed dial engaged.
C: "Bob!"
G: "Rick."
C: "Let me guess..."
G: "I want to get this done Rick, and I need to keep it at 4.5 for say...four."
C: "Bob, let me tell you first off that that is certainly an attractive offer. Both you and I have a lot of time tied up in this young man and Tomas certainly wants to stay...if the numbers are right."
G: "What is your definition of right exactly?"
C: "Well Bob, you know if Tomas continues like this then 1 July is a pretty attractive option. I would be hard pressed not to recommend to..."
G: "Give me a figure."
C: "Well Bob we tossed these numbers about. Crunched them extensively. Now don't be shocked, and imagine how low the actual cap amount is over the 15 year term...."
Some minutes later.
Speed dial engaged. Speed dial engaged. Speed dial engaged. Check messages. Speed dial engaged. Fax machine engaged. Speed dial engaged.
T: "Hello?"
G: "Tomas, like I was saying, it is that time."
T: "Ha, ha. So you talked to Curran! Great, I knew something would be worked what are we looking at."
G: "Well Tomas, I've got some good news and some bad news."
T: "Ha, ha, Bob. Can you hang on a few minutes...there's a bunch of reporters at the door."
G: "Yeah, sure. I got some other calls to make today and a press conference at 4 anyway."
Tomas at door: "Hi guys, s'up?"