Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aftermath: Ugh!

A colleague asked this morning, "Who'd the Canadiens play last night?" The only possible answer was: "They didn't play." As a long-suffering Islanders fan, he didn't get it. For Habs fans who expect a little more, however, there are no words to describe how generally awful the Canadiens were last night. There were so many terrible aspects of the way they played, it's tough to consider them in isolation. It's easier, instead, to pick out the positives. So, here are the top ten notable things about last night's game:

10. Tomas Plekanec finally stopped making Scott Gomez look bad.

9. The power play didn't stick out as the worst part of the team's game.

8. Jaroslav Spacek helped the coaches know their concerns about his play to date were right on target.

7. Brian Gionta is one game closer to his big scoring break-out.

6. Benoit Pouliot only fell down twice.

5. Carey Price whiffed one on the blocker side, so now people can stop whining about his glove hand.

4. P.K.Subban, in solidarity with his ancient defence mates, considerately slowed his game to AHL levels to match their pace.

3. The team's collective no-show helped Ryan O'Byrne feel less bad he wasn't in uniform.

2. The equipment guys work pretty hard when the team's on the road, so the lack of sweat really made their job easier.

And the number one positive from last night's game:

1. It's over.


Ian said...

As I live in the Niagara region of Ontario, in the Laffs' back yard, I don't get the Habs games on TV. I do occasionally watch them on the computer. Last night, I flipped the TV to the Laffs' game and saw they were losing 3-0. Happiness ensued. Then I caught the Habs score, down 2-0. My immediate thoughts then...another loss. We can't come back from a two goal deficit because we can't score.

May sound like I am a pessimist, but I am not. Just haven't been given anything by the team to restore my faith that we could actually overcome a two goal deficit.

The frustrations I feel from the lack of scoring really aggravate me. Read my comment after the 3-0 loss to the Devils and you'll see the same level of frustration.

Cammaleri, Gionta, Plekanic, Kostitsyn, Gionta, Pouliot - and we can't score a goal!!!!

I think I've been spoiled by all the Habs' dynasty teams where we could score in bunches, almost at will.

This edition SHOULD be able to score a lot more, but doesn't.

It frustrates the hell out of me.

Vent over.

Anonymous said...

I think these are the real Habs. This is the team I watched last season, the one we all wanted to tank to get a high draft pick before Halak carried them to the playoffs and those stunning upsets. So many two on one's and breakaways. Just pathetic. The Habs make more mistakes in one game than the Bruins make in a month. I bet the Devils are checking their schedule for the next Hab game. Haven't been this depressed since the three shutout losses to the Flyers last May.

Anonymous said...

The weaknesses that this team has today are the SAME that they had last year. A magical playoff run fueled by a fantastic performance by Halak, was like magic not real. Gill, Hammer and Spacek are too old and too slow. Gomez is an albatross for this team. Forwards lack size and grit, they are not capable of scoring the dirty goals. Price is good but not great, and this team needs a great goalie to win. THE COACH is clueless and please don't tell me we made the Conference Finals. The team made it there in spite of JM. Management is equally clueless on how to run a hockey team.

Anonymous said...

The game was ugly and the team needs a shakeup.

Spatch was terrible. Gomez is a turnover machine. Lapierre is invisible, and Gionta is doing his Chris Higgins imitation.

When 4 players are playing this bad its hard to compete every night.

Anonymous said...

Subban is deferring to Markov which takes away from his strengths. Markov needs a physical presence on the other side (too bad the Habs don't have one) not a guy who needs and wants the puck to be at his best. He should be paired with anyone but Markov. Also, he needs to get rid of that ridiculous wind up. Show him some video of Pronger.

This game was hard to watch for all the reasons already mentioned. The next two against the division are very important and the team better show some intensity. The problem with the powerplay is total lack of desperation which is often confused with effort. They are trying but so what. The only players showing desperation are the ones without natural talent and thus afraid they'll be sent down or cut all together. Don't know how long it will take for the top six guys to get it but without it the losses will mount up quickly.

Lmayo said...

I think we were all excited to get Markov back but we need to give him a few weeks to get back into game shape. Mentally and physically. And he should be paired with someone else, not Subban. Hate to see points slip away. Makes it easier that leafs are losing. God, but they were awful. JM is losing his grip on this team with his mixed messages to Picard and others. He needs to show leadership and not stupidity. Before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so you've seen how they can play. They can play pretty darn well when they want to, and stink out the barn. I don't believe they set out to fail. It just turns out that way.

If I practice anything then in a game or at work I do it that way unless I consciously decide not to. If it is a quick sport I do it the way I practice doing it. Muscle memory, instinct, whatever you want to call it. I do it that way. If I practice with a team mate in the game I will look for her to be in that spot. If she isn't I will try and score, move, twist, and instinctively look to see if she is there again if my angle is bad. All in less than a second.

All to say if the team wants to practice skating around with the puck then they reap what they sow. NHL caliber goalies do have off nights, but mostly they will love to see the Habs come to town. Mainly because everyone is trying to be fancy. One fancy nancy per line. Two guys who know how to go to the net. One puck mover on D, one stay at home.