Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canucks vs. Habs - Greasy Bob Edition

Notes on the third:

-Nice PK. Thankfully, there is a referee antidote.

-Hamrlik! There IS a Santa Claus!

-Plekanec is every coach's wet dream.

-Every once in a while Lapierre proves he's not a waste of air.

-It hasn't happened yet, but if it does, I'm going to seriously wonder about Martin if the Sedins score while they're on against the Grandpas on D.

-Mathieu Darche may yet be successful in the NHL, if only because most players have forgotten the whole idea of crashing the net.

-Brutal. The Habs miss three clear shots on an EMPTY net. Scoring is seriously against their religion.

-Carey with the EN shot! Damn...would have loved to see him make it.

-Carey Price is an excellent goalie. Anyone who doubts should try to get into the butterfly position, then get out within a second. Right.

Notes on the second:

-You know, all of the old adages are adages because there's some truth in them. In the Habs' case, every cloud has a silver lining. The PP sucks, but the PK is great.

-When they told Darche he'd be flying first-class in the NHL, he didn't know it'd be on Andrew Alberts' stick.

-The PP sucks harder than a demonstration-model Electrolux.

-To paraphrase Carbo, if the team had 20 Jeff Halperns, it'd be winning more games.

-The Canucks are so much better than the Canadiens with their sticks in close quarters, it's like watching the Chinese national ping pong team versus the British Open lawn darts champs. In ping pong.

-Apparently, there's no headlock penalty in the NHL. AK nearly lost the bit of hair he's got left.

-Pouliot's got more skills than Carters had liver pills. Unfortunately, they're about equally effective.

-Gomez isn't a bad hockey player. He's just a dumb one.

-I'm so superstitious about goalies, I can only say Price hasn't been bad so far.

-Fighting to hold a lead, then you have an all-star like Lapierre taking a dumbass holding penalty. Does he not realize he's on a one-year deal?

-Another good period. I'm waiting for the other skate to drop.

Notes on the first:

-I really like Luongo's mask. The simplicity reminds me of the good old days.

-Markov! And THAT'S how you pinch!

-Halpern's sharper than a box of tacks.

-Gomez just can't make a decision. He's wide open, and passes. Then, he shoots when Greasy Bob's got the net covered. I'll bet if he let his hair grow, it'd be blonde.

-The only way Spacek clears the puck is by bouncing it off somebody else and out. It's going to be a loooong season with him. And a longer one next year.

-This should be P.K.'s type of game. Let him go, Jacques!

-Canucks are owning the Habs in the passing department. Habs pass like their sticks are made of grass. And not the good kind.

-Price goes a-wandering and looks like he's auditioning for Battle of the Blades: Goalie Edition.

-Ugh...DOG penalty. I thought that bounced off the top of the glass and back in. I HATE that penalty.

-Great period by the Habs...lots of speed, aggression and shots. If they hold true to past performance, they'll suck out loud in the second and give up three.


Josh said...

The best part of a Spacek penalty is that he can't be on the ice for 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Lapierre is really not contributing. His offense is non-existent and his defence is average. He has no toughness or grit and is really starting to annoy me.

Unknown said...

A lot of negativeness in your and the others comment and yet, here they are with a very strong result!

Martin is appearing to be quite good at getting the good stuff out of the players that are willing to give it. Because some of these guys are really on a cold streak these days but somehow the team is still holding on together...

Number31 said...

I dunno. He actually looked a bit like PlayoffLapierre tonight. Maybe he'll have an extra step against the Booins next game. Baby steps?

Anonymous said...

AK46 needs to be back on his own line with Pleks and Cammi
Pouliot should be with G & G
Lapierre is not top 6 material-never was -never will be.....at the end of this year,he is gone !!
Eller need 3rd line minutes with Halpern and Darche to develop
Thanks for the usual good work JT