Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flyers vs.Habs - Rematch Edition

Notes on the third:

-If there's no penalty on the Powe attack on Halpern, the NHL is officially a bushier league than the one peopled by the Knights of Ni.

-AK needs to stay after practice and shoot a hundred pucks on net every day. After a year, his accuracy would shame Euclid.

-Excellent boxing stance by Lapierre! Next lesson: Punching.

-Pleks passes like he's trying to knock someone's head off.

-Flyers are looking slower five minutes into the period, but the Habs are slowing to match their pace. They need to push the tired guys.

-I swear, Moen's had more chances than a blonde bikini model on Ladies Night.

-I admire the fact that P.K. wants to defend his teammates. But he's soon going to have to realize he's actually more valuable than most of them.

-Less than five to go, if I were Martin I'd take Pleks and P.K. out of this game. No sense losing another star in a pointless cause.

-Cammalleri's just the right height to head-butt Pronger in the kidneys. Discretely, of course.

-It's amazing Price can look bored after making 40 saves. That's cooler than penguins.

-There's a statement. A big, ballsy statement.

Notes on the second:

-Price has made so many great saves, the announcers aren't even getting excited about them anymore.

-Picard is playing a quietly solid game. Maybe he's finally found his place, like the Ugly Duckling in the swan's pond.

-Why do people like Powe exist? I'm guessing because his name is "Powe." Fits perfectly in Philly.

-On the plus side for the Habs, Gorges is actually composed of two parts elastic bands, one part pink fibreglass insulation.

-I'm sure there's a literary device I can't name that involves the irony of Moen being the Hab with the best chances.

-Credit where it's due: Spacek is in much better position than he's been earlier in the year. Nice stepping up going on there.

-Ha ha! Pleks LOOKED them into submission.

-Those overhead shots they took for the Bell ads just don't work in 2D. They look like there are giant Habs lying around on the boards. Although, better on the boards than on the PK.

-Price is holding the fort like the Canadians held Vimy Ridge.

-One more to go, and there's a statement and a half.

Notes on the first:

-Jeez, Benoit Brunet looks like he's wearing my dad's shirt with Bozo the Mobster's jacket over top.

-I miss Markov. Yes, already. I still think the Habs would have fared better against the Flyers in the playoffs with him.

-That orange has to be the most godawful colour in existence. I'm pretty sure they use it in clinical trials to induce seizures. There's a reason why A Clockwork Orange used that colour.

-Gionta and Gomez can't be so pretty against these guys. One too many passes is all it takes to turn the whole ship bow to the bottom.

-Close-up on Bobrovsky and he looks crazy. Just what we need...another crazy-ass Flyer goalie.

-I really, really don't want to harp on the draft, but watching Giroux do his thing while David Fischer toils for the Florida Everblades makes me ill.

-Welcome back, Mr.Cammalleri. Your table in the Rocket Lounge is ready.

-Poor Eller. Pyatt has the puck in the corner. Eller is standing in the slot, free and clear. Pyatt stick handles, looks around, and passes to Moen with two guys on him.

-Silver lining in the Markov injury could be that Subban wins Rookie of the Year.

-AK46 looks like he's eaten those chocolate-covered coffee beans we used to devour for all-nighters in university.

-Great period. Two more like that, and we have a statement.


Unknown said...

Isn't Plekanec shooting lasers at his linemates, Real Genius style? It's like, better get your carbon stick on the ice or this thing isn't stopping until who knows where?

Anonymous said...

Excellent game by the habs. Nothing fancy from any d other than PK. Straight forward speed kills strategy from the forwards and an unreal performance by Price.

PK was awesome as usual and Picard looked solid.

Pleks is a bargain, AK is playing like he wants a new contract and Pouliot continues to shine.

Eller looked good and hasnt cost us anything while he gains experience.

We have depth on the farm if we need to package up Laps and a prospect for a defenceman. Winning tonight strengthens PG's hand while shopping, he's not desperate. Watch for a trade next week possibly with Calgary as they look to unload salary.