Thursday, November 18, 2010

Preds vs. Habs: Brotherly Love Edition

Notes on the third:

-Why do the announcers continue to get excited when Gomez gets a break? We all know how it'll turn out.

-I think Hammer takes third-period penalties so he can sit for two minutes.

-Kostitsyn on Kostitsyn trash talk: "You're adopted!" "Well, they only let YOU out of the mental hospital because you could skate!"

-Martin looked like he gave birth to a hemmorrhoid on the second goal. Looked particularly large, too.

-The shutout is coming. Eight minutes to go and no sign of life from the Habs offence. This is over.

Notes on the second:

-Goc goal is a perfect example of how screwing up a simple clearing pass ends up in your net.

-The Habs aren't really into the Preds. They're trying to find a way to tell them, but they keep the relationship going because they can't.

-A 3-on-1 against on a PP is like some other guy's name showing up on your kid's birth certificate. Not at all what you expect.

-The full moon has waned and the Habs PP has returned to its human form.

-I'm bored.

-Watching Cammalleri, on his third o-zone penalty of the season on the PP, sitting in the box, all I can think is that he really should have those moles removed from his face if he's going to be that close the the penalty box camera.

-This game must be like the one the Flying Fathers lost...ever.

-Trotz looks like one of the cartoon sharks from Finding Nemo.

-The Habs are saving themselves for TO and Philly. It's not working out very well.

Notes on the first:

-Oh, Shea Weber would look so nice in red. I wonder what it would cost?

-Eller looked like Markov defending his own end. Hope he scores soon.

-Picard and Subban are laying the body like bricks.

-Price is like a little girl in Grade 9. One summer after his awkward stage, he's so grown up you don't recognize him.

-I'm thinking Pleks is pretty quiet tonight. So, that means he'll do something vitally important before long.

-Swear to God, I didn't know Sergei was playing until he slashed Gorges.

-Aw crap! Wouldn't it have been headline-worthy if AK had scored while SK was in the box?

-Not much of a period, really. I'd call it a light flow day.


Unknown said...

Light flow day. Hilarious.

Peter from NS said...

Apathy incarnate.

Anonymous said...

Love your comment on Cammalleri. Was thinking the same thing.

Jay in PA said...

I second that. Light flow day. I'm going to use that. And maybe credit you. ;-O