Thursday, February 17, 2011

Habs vs.Oilers - Winging West Edition

Notes on the first (the only period I can stay up late enough to watch):

-It's such a joyful thing to see DD win the opening draw.

-If Moen's hands were any harder they could break rocks.

-Kostitsyn slid through the neutral zone like an alligator, but couldn't bring down the prey when it counted.

-HNIC is going on about the Oilers' kids like their average is twelve.

-Oh no! Not another D down! At this point, that statement should come with an air-raid siren. Wisniewski's bleeding like an extra on Grey's Anatomy.

-Oilers are the worst faceoff team in the league, but they score by winning a draw. This feels like it could be a long night.

-Wow, this defence is harder pressed than Justin Bieber at La Senza Girl.

-Oh right. Edmonton has ice girls. Gag.

-Well, that period was atrocious. Price will have to steal this one, but Subban will have to play more than thirty minutes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! 20 minute effort against the worst team in the league! That was hard to watch. Why pull the goalie down two with nothing happening? Just hand another goal to a crappy team. I don't get it.

Hope Wiz is ok, it looked pretty bad. Hope Mara is in shape to play 20+ minutes on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Moen's hands are like stone but he has a Cup winning goal. Not many can say that.

Anonymous said...

This team is brutal. They aren't going anywhere in the playoffs ( it pains me to say).