Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rangers vs.Habs - Matinee Edition

Notes on the third:

-Muller's ties are so much better than Martin's.

-Habs PP is generating less wattage than a sputtering candle.

-This game is hateful. It's chippier than a lumber yard.

-Weber is getting quietly better as he goes along.

-Have the Canadiens won a single puck battle today?

-Pleks is faster than a shotgun wedding.

-Price completely deserved the shutout, as did the D.

Notes on the second:

-Too bad Gainey didn't trade Higgins et al. for Dubinsky.

-Has Boyle been suspended yet for his blindside hit to Spacek's head? Oh, right. It doesn't count if the guy's not crippled.

-Great PK. That's the best they've done since Gorges got hurt.

-Habs are spending more time in their zone than Lindsay Lohan spends in rehab.

-Unreal. Every time the puck leaves a Hab's stick, it hits something and goes where they don't want it to.

-Some pretty chintzy calls there. Hope the make-ups are on their way for the third.

-GOMEZ!! What a gorgous roof job!

-Nice to see the Habs score that late one for a change. Tortarella is going to spontaneously combust.

-Canadiens need to smarten up for the third, or one goal is not going to win this.

Notes on the first:

-For some strange reason, I've got a feeling Kostitsyn will score today. Don't know why.

-If Spacek and Hamrlik were any slower, they'd start aging backwards.

-Rags, on the other hand, have a solid young D-corps.

-Subban is showing good strength on the boards.

-The PP is less offensive than Ned Flanders.

-Picard gave Avery a couple of good kidney shots. Too bad he couldn't get his arm free.

-Looks like Halpern and Spacek got shaken up a bit.

-Not a bad period, but Rangers are blocking a ton of shots.


CheGordito said...

Did the Rangers seem extra-dirty today? I thought they looked as bad as the Flyers and Stompin' Chris Pronger!

Anonymous said...

Muller's ears are so much better too.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the Habs management gave up on McDonagh. He looks like a player the Habs really need. I was under the impression from what I read in the sports pages that he wasn't developing. He looks pretty good to me. Big, strong, good skater and passer. Sather has made a lot of bad trades and signings but he definitely made up for some of them with the Gomez deal.

Anonymous said...

I guess JT you can say the head shot rule is just for insurance purposes. The officials, league (so called), and a national TV audience all got to see that one coming, being delivered, and the effect.

What are Savard or Crosby doing this week? Popping pills for a bush league masquarading as experts in the field. Catering to dollar hungry owners who don't see beyond their ROI and spend more time trying to get a free arena built to enhance their investments.

The guys who can play should be seriously thinking of forming their own league.

Anonymous said...

I will happily accept the two points but, could the Habs have looked any softer out there? They simply kept trying to run from the other team's bodychecks.... Spacek seems to be still alive after that hammering on his head from the side. He's a tough cookie. I'll give him that. We need grit.