Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bruins vs. Habs - There Will Be Blood Edition

Notes on the third:

-A major penalty does nothing to make up for that destruction.

-It does make up for it a tiny bit to see Price stone that pissant Marchand on a PS.

-White shoots on the 2-on-1 with Pleks? Um, maybe a pass next time, okay kid?

-Whoopee. The Missing Link gets one to break the shutout. It's hard to care when you're wondering how Pacioretty is.

-When's the last time P.K. Subban made a really crappy play? I don't remember either.

-Excellent shut-down hockey with their hearts not really into it.

-The best part of a Habs/Bs game: Julien walking across the ice with a face like heartburn.

Notes on the second:

-Plekanec's penalty illustrates the new NHL rule that you cannot check the man carrying the puck. What? There's no such rule?

-Don't look now, but Gomez is hustling.

-The Gomez line must have cycled that puck for a whole minute in the Bs' end.

-Gionta's 24th sneaked over the line like a trench spy in WWI, but it counts.

-Anybody notice Desharnais is a beast on faceoffs? Obviously not Martin, who continues to use Gomez on o-zone draws to start the PP.

-The Canadiens, in fear of losing their league-leading standard in too-many-men penalties, quickly added to their lead with a particularly dumbass example.

-Amazing shot by Wisniewski. It went under the shot blocker, BEFORE he could even fall down. Wiz' shot is faster than gravity.

-Uh oh. We should fear Ryder. He was the one who started The Comeback against the Rags with two quick goals.

-Chara always looks like his nose is running.

-Oh God. Pacioretty's head hit that stanchion so much like Nodar Kumaritashvili did in Vancouver, it's terrifying.

-The Canadiens looked ill-prepared for a serious injury. They had to have the Bs' trainer out there helping, and Dr.Mulder, at age 176 was trying to help haul the stretcher.

-That hit...my friend Jay says Chara knew exactly where the stanchion was and tried to hurt Pax on purpose...takes all the joy out of a 4-0 Bs beatdown.

Notes on the first:

-The Bell Centre crowd's biggest challenge tonight is to decide who to boo.

-How sweet would it be for Skillsie to score in his third straight?

-Oh, Boychuk's brave. Fighting with a visor on. Imagine if a Hab did that? White pounded him anyway.

-Halpern saved a goal as surely as spring follows winter.

-Price took at least ten minutes off my life with that crease giveaway on the PP.

-Eller's tip was as beautiful as a sunrise over water.

-Hard work by all the boys. They're like a bunch of hard rock miners out there.

-Eller again! The hands on that boy are smoother than David Copperfield's patter.

-What a shame Kostitsyn didn't get any points on those goals. He was instrumental in both of them.

-Great period. Hopefully, the Habs will come out just as strong in the second, because two goals don't last long in this league if you're not careful.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Colin is going to suspend Pax for being at the wrong place at the wrong time ?

Anonymous said...

That's not fair to throw Chara out of the game. Now, how is supposed to fight Desharnais ?

pfhabs said...

McLaren on Zdneck pales in comparison...no puck in sight, intention dubious, chara aware of stantion location...rest of season suspension would seem light in terms of potential damage that could have been or was inflicted

Anonymous said...

Totally sick. Get him out of the league.

Jay in PA said...

I don't think Chara is by nature a dirty player, though you could always argue that he had a sudden impulse to do something stupid and didn't know his own strength. Either way, he will always have this hanging over his head as a question mark on his character and decision making, especially if Pacioretty is out for a long time. I get the feeling that would gnaw at Chara more than most.

Jessica and Stephan said...

It was not a question of wrong place at the wrong time. That was a deliberate hit....the elbow in the face was dirty, as was sweeping the legs. Nothing "accidental" about that. I hope the punishment is severe, and that they use this incident to make a REAL statement on where the league stands on head-hits.

V said...

I think Habs fans should lower their expectations on what will happen with Chara.

Not saying he should not be suspended. Just saying there are a lot of mitigating factors - not the least of which he is a Bruin - and I can see him coming out of this with nothing. As unfair as that is.

Ben said...

Disgusting. My gf was almost in tears, and she doesn't even care about hockey.

What's pissing me off is the fact that the big ape was all over Pax for the last two games, all because of his little shove at the end of our last OT win. That is premeditation. Retaliation, in that case, for nothing.

I hate the Bruins, and their fans. Leafs fans are classy in comparison.

Rock said...

I am at a loss how ANY human can do that to another. Disgusting display by the head knuckle-dragger of the Boston Neanderthals.
I guess in some countries it sells.... pathetic. What's really sad is that there are "fans" who say it's part of the game.
I wonder what Sour Grapes has to say about that? Should be interesting..... I'm not expecting anything intelligent.

MC said...

I am so angry right now. It happened fast, but it was clearly deliberate. Even if you give Chara the benefit of the doubt and say that he was not aware of the glass, he severely injured someone on an illegal check according to the rules of hockey, how can it not be a suspension? All of the vitriolic comments comIng out of the Bruins' dressing room before the game reminds me of the Bertuzzi- Steve Moore incident, and we have a similar outcome. The Bruins are a bunch of pathetic losers, am not surprised this team gave up a 3-0 series lead last year as they clearly lack character. I just pray Pacioretty did not suffer any life-limiting injuries.