Saturday, March 5, 2011

Habs vs.Lightning - Playoff Preview Edition

Notes on the third:

-Credit where it's due. Gomez is burning hotter than the space shuttle on re-entry tonight.

-Pacioretty's just so, so good. He's a power forward we didn't even know about in October.

-Stamkos' shot comes with GPS. There've been a couple of very close calls with him.

-Seems that, once again, Pouliot takes a dumbass penalty and DD pays the price and gets benched along with him.

-Cammalleri is probably the forward worst at defending in his own zone.

-WHAT a poke check! That should be in an instructional video.

-Of course. You KNEW one of the Quebecois would do something to hurt the Habs.

-Price is very solid again. The kid's the MVP of the team, by a mile.

-Great win. Now, beat the Bs on Tuesday and we might have something here.

Notes on the second:

-Someone tell Sopel Price can play goal by himself. The D would be better off moving freakin' Dominic Moore out of the crease.

-Pouliot's one of those players with tremendous skill and a little tiny brain.

-Gomez denuded MAB at the blueline for a nice shorthanded chance. Maybe he's finally starting to give a shit.

-Price was farther away from his net than Ross Perot from the White House.

-I'd love to see what's in Martin's brain sometimes. Why has P.K. been removed from the PP?

-I'm so hoping this game doesn't come down to a bunch of regret over those wide-open chances Gionta and AK blew in the first.

-Seriously. Pleks on the point instead of Subban? Why? Subban comes out for the last thirty seconds of the PP and suddenly a goal ensues. What a shock, Penguin.

-The plan to stay out of the box is rapidly deteriorating. It's got the half-life of a carton of milk in a sauna.

-Habs are getting killed on faceoffs. That's going to hurt.

-Nice period. One more, please.

Notes on the first:

-I'd love to know what Pleks says to Price before every game.

-The amount of Gallic envy on RDS is a bit sickening.

-It's vital to stay out of the box against these guys. They live and die by the PP.

-Weber made a couple of very solid plays in front of Price. The kid doesn't have the flash of P.K., but he's talented.

-I don't know what's funnier: Gill scoring two games in a row, or the look on his face on the bench afterwards, as he tries to pretend it's no big deal.

-Desharnais' hands are softer than bunnies. What a lovely move!

-Gionta's not going to see a better chance than that this side of heaven.

-Lightning looking pretty disorganized here. Good to see.

-Oh, Eller. They were doing so well with the discipline.


DT said...

Who knows what JM is thinking by keeping P.K. off the PP... maybe putting him on in the last 30 seconds is the plan to get the other teams best killers off the ice and then surprize them.

dusty said...

Eller did a great job against Lecavalier and Gomez played great. Things are looking up.

Gill pretending like it's no big deal. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

I know JM keeps tracks of the stats because what else is he writing in that book? Love letters to his vast collection of groupies?

So that makes it even harder to understand how he deploys his roster. The lack of rhyme or reason to his decision are maddening. But they are on a 4 win streak so what do we know? LOL

Anonymous said...

Everybody likes to score, even Gill in a contract year. The guy comes to play every night. Ever notice that? Not the most talented. Not the most confident. But always there for the team.

Gomez played really well. Like he can play. Nice to see.