Friday, March 18, 2011

Habs vs.Rags - Battered and Bruised Edition

Notes on the third:

-I was just typing, "Get a quick one and..." when Wiz waited, waited, waited, waited and blasted the shot for Gio to tip.

-You can't help having the feeling the Rags are sweating a little bit. I love these Dog-Habs.

-The body language has completely changed from the first. The tired, dragging team now thinks it's got a chance to win.

-As they say, you need your best players to be your best players. Outside of Subban, that's not happening for the Habs.

-Pouliot's so screwed. He was in the box for the tying goal last night and the backbreaker tonight. Not good.

-Oh well. Can't win 'em all. I hope the players left behind in Montreal tonight are healing quickly.

Notes on the second:

-Price rocking the toque again tonight.

-Cammalleri's playing like total crap. The PP was just starting to take shape when he passed cross-ice to nobody and the Rags got possession.

-Boy, would I EVER rather have McDonagh than Gomez in the lineup.

-Poo Poo's playing like poo too.

-Wisniewski just hammered that shot. I wonder if Lundqvist is flashing back the The Comeback game?

-Love how Auld puts his stick up like a sword when he goes down to cover the puck. Self-preservation at work.

-Frustrating to see the PP start with Gomez and Cammalleri. Two of the most useless players so far tonight.

-Great play by Subban on the rush, and a smart idea to run Lundqvist.

-The damage is done now, but that was a nice pride-saving period. And Auld is playing really well. He should have started.

Notes on the first:

-Hammer can't play 30 minutes again to night or he'll spontaneously combust.

-What a dumb fight. Just the kind of pre-arranged thing that should be banned.

-If the Habs survive the first, the Rangers may start to get tired from all the hitting.

-Horrible break for Weber's shot to deflect like that. Anisimov left no doubt on that goal.

-DD was slicker than oil on that Subban goal. Nice shot from the line too, with great patience.

-Looks like Price got a pretty good bump in the head when Subban's elbow crashed through his crease. He wasn't taken back and assessed by the doctor, though. Are the rules different for goalies?

-Really stupid penalty by Hamrlik. The Rags goal won't count as a PP, but it might as well.

-Palushaj and Dawes are getting less ice than a frustrated diamond miner.

-I fear for Price's safety in this, with all these idiots crashing into him.

-Crappy third Ranger goal. The kind you get by sending half your team at the other team's goalie.

-That seems to have sucked the life out of the Canadiens, and now the D is breaking down like a paper bag in the rain. This is the game I was expecting last night.

-Should have started Auld in the first place. This just hurt Price's numbers.

-Oh well. The Bulldogs can't work miracles every night. If this happened against the real lineup or in the playoffs it'd be much worse.


Anonymous said...

What did we expect ... really? A beat up and exhausted team did what it could. PK and Gio brought it. Eller, AK46 and yes, Benny did too. And so did the officials. No way Benny deserves a penalty on that net drive. Did Chris Lee make that call? Just wondering.

I just wish JM would have used Dawes, White and Palushaj (spelling?) a bit more. They didn't look that bad defensively and created some scoring chances when they got a cycle going. At worst, it could have given the others a chance to rest up for a 3rd period push. Oh well, file it and forget it.

dusty said...

Rangers will be tough in the playoffs. Hope they knock off the the Flyers and or the Caps. Could happen.

The kids are playing well. If only Gomez and Cammalleri would step up. Game after game they do nothing. Very sad.

Ian said...

You're right on having McDonagh over Gomez. Sad thing is it really turned out to be Gomez for McDonagh AND an impact player--the Rangers used the Gomez salary dump to sigh Gaborik. How would the Habs look with McDonagh on defense and someone like Gaborik shoring up the Top Six? Of courese we'd need another center but I'd take Eller over Gomez at this point. Or Koivu. Old story, I know, but the cap space waste really matters.

dusty said...

And how does O'Byrne go from the Bell Centre press box to wearing an "A" in Colorado? And D'Agostini...