Thursday, December 3, 2009

Habs vs. Sabres - The Hope They Use Lube Edition

Notes on the third:

-I think it'll be nice for Gainey to be able to work full-time at his Foundation.

-Where the hell was *this* team in the first period?

-So that's why Gorges plays goalie so often...he's actually a better goalie than the guys in the masks on some nights.

-Et le but! Good on ya, Josh.

-Okay. THIS tonight. After the TO humiliation. What further signs do they need from the hockey gods to make them deep-six the Hubris Fest tomorrow? Honestly, this team has lost four straight games and will likely not make the playoffs. Unless...maybe tomorrow's pre-game ceremony will feature all the current centres licking Jean Beliveau's shoes. And all the current goalies kissing Patrick Roy's ass. And all the current defencemen grovelling at Larry Robinson's feet. In that case, I'm tuning in. THAT would be a fitting ceremony.

-I think, when I'm old, I'd like to have a dog instead of the Habs. Unless they've figured out how to not suck by then.

-I wonder if any of them feel guilty when they see the deposits in their bank accounts? I doubt it.

-Mara fought at the end just to get the hell off the ice.

-And the turd cherry on the crap pie...a goal with less than a minute to go WITH the goalie in. The Habs have reached new lows. Where does THIS fit into the hundred years guys?

-I can't wait to hear Cammalleri's comments tonight. "We didn't do our jobs." "We didn't show up." Lovely.

Notes on the second:

-I wonder what the Molson's marketing department is working on, in celebration of the Habs purchase? Maybe "Molson Enema," with a big Habs logo on the label?

-The heartbreaking thing is if they could get their act together now...assuming they have an act...they wouldn't be out of the running. Philly has all that firepower and only one more win.

-I don't know why the Buffalo fans are so excited. This is the equivalent of watching Oliver Twist get caught and hung. You want some more, Oliver? Do ya really?

-Isn't Lindy Ruff just the kind of coach you'd love to see in Montreal? If only he spoke the right language...

-I don't want to go all Carbo on his ass, but what the hell is Martin doing, putting the Chex Twins on with either Gomez or Pleks? They have NO GOALS between them. They were playing fine with Lapierre. I think the coach might give SK and Pax, who have actually shown some sense of being alive in the o-zone, a shot with a real, live NHL playmaker.

-Does anyone else find it sad that RDS's important happenings on this day in Habs history tend to end around 1976?

-I guess we're seeing why Gainey only signed Mara for a year. If PK Subban is going to make the jump next year, he'll have a spot.

-It's almost to the point now where you can watch in open-mouthed horror to see if the unthinkable happens. Will they be in the single digits in shots at the end of the night? Will they give up more than nine goals? How bad can it get? It's fascinating.

-The problem with Habs fans is we want to watch "Braveheart," but the only screen in town is playing "Amityville Horror."

-Plekanec's faceoffs have descended from decent to subterranian, for no apparent reason.

-I wonder if this muscle twitch in my left eye has anything to do with the Habs?

-Number 12 overall draft picks have been good. That's where the Sabres got Myers last year. Bryan Little from Atlanta was a 12. So were Marc Staal and Dan Hamhuis. Habs picked Ryan McDonagh at 12...oh, wait, never mind. Then again, I guess trading him to the Rags makes up for them picking Hugh Jessiman...with the distinction of being the only first rounder from the 2003 Super Draft to never play an NHL number 12.

-What? Gomez scored? Because he was playing with a couple of guys who actually have some offensive ability? Jacques! I didn't know you read blogs!

-I hope whatever the hell self-romancing event the Habs have planned for tomorrow night is cancelled. Who are they kidding?

Notes on the first:

-Wow, Miller's numbers are spectacular.

-The Habs D is backpeddling faster than Stephen Harper on David Suzuki Night at a Greenpeace convention.

-Halak is in position, but he's got to steer those rebounds away. He's always cold in his first start after weeks on the bench.

-Mara doesn't seem to know what to do on the odd-man rushes. The D is supposed to give Halak the shot and take away the pass. They're giving him headaches and taking away his self-esteem.

-What the hell was O'Byrne doing, kneeling in front of Halak on the third goal while the open man was heading to the net for an easy redirect? Maybe he was praying for Markov's return. But Andrei Markov would have to be the lovechild of Jesus and Mother Nature to save this team.

-Pierre Houde is saying ay-yi-yi more than any of the players' names. Which isn't tough, since none of the Sabres hog the puck long enough to have their names announced and none of the Habs ever have it.

-Story of the period in microcosm: Tom Pyatt relieving the pressure in his own zone, streaks through the neutral zone all alone, only to have four Sabres converge on him, easily strip the puck and resume pressure in the Habs' end.

-The team is like an open sore now. It's bleeding and it hurts you, but you can't stop picking at it. I think it's starting to get infected.

-My friend is at this game for her birthday. I hope she didn't waste her wish yet.

-I'm starting to worry about Gomez' safety. Seriously, there are enough crazy-ass unemployed Habs fans out there to take exception to the the contract and the crappy play and take a pot-shot at him.

-Boy, this is a terrible hockey team at the moment. Whatever the hell happened to the plucky, beleaguered bunch who managed to keep their heads above water?

-I'm giving them five minutes in the second to see if they have a chance.


J.T. said...

@JoshS: Email me. The address is under My Profile. I'll help you as much as I can, but I can't do it in the comments here.

Woodvid said...

Wow, it's going to be humiliating tomorrow against Boston.

dusty said...

I smell first draft pick overall at last! Hope the Habs don't blow it.

Jean-Louis said...

At least when the Habs loose we have a consolation prize: your comments J.T. Thanks a lot it is very enjoyable.

Olivier said...

Well, at least Lucic won't be there to beat the crap out of us.

Will they dress Laraque?

HC said...

The current Habs and the last 16 seasons do not negate the past achievements of this franchise. The past may be the past, but it still deserves the recognition it has received over the last year, not to mention one helluva celebration on December 4th. It wouldn’t kill us to bench the cynicism this week, and instead, focus on the fact that 100 seasons and 24 Stanleys are pretty damn good reasons to make some noise. I am not blind to the recent failures of this team. Those bleu, blanc, rouge glasses came off a very long time ago. I am, however, able to celebrate and honour the greatest franchise in NHL history without allowing my current disappointment to cloud my judgement. Happy 100th! Make some noise!

pfhabs said...


-very funny stuff...the 'Foundation' comment is priceless