Saturday, December 12, 2009

Habs vs. Thrashers - Yaaawwwn Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Pax is a great young prospect, but the penalties he's taking are going to land him in the coach's dog house. And so far, the coach's dog house has proven to have a trap door leading directly out of town.

-Does Atlanta have *anything* of their own? The goal song is Boston's, the PP jingle is Ottawa's and the PK one is from Toronto.

-The number of PKs is in inverse proportion to the number of shots taken by the Habs. Funny how that works.

-If the Centennial curse has indeed been lifted, it seems to have settled neatly over the head of Sergei Kostitsyn. How could he miss that breakaway?

-It's bad when you feel mild surprise every time a Hab comes off the boards in possession of the puck.

-Was anyone else hoping Markov would come out for the third?

-Discipline: Not their forte. But this is! Can they EVER get more than a game over .500 this year?

Notes on the second:

-How immature is it that when Pierre Houde says "Antropoof," I laugh every time?

-Sergei needs to get the shooter tutor out of the basement. Gomez is wasted on him tonight.

-How many Atlanta rink employees does it take to change a pane of glass? Nineteen, because they're unionized and they're only required to work six minutes a night, with a coffee break to mix it up.

-It's almost fun watching the PK, if you don't understand it's just a matter of time. It's like Ovechkin riding the golf cart under the closing garage door. Sometimes you keep your head, sometimes you don't.

-Like Santa Claus, Andrei Kostitsyn tends to give his best gifts in December.

-Plekanec is like a Transformer. Offensive dynamo one minute, devastating PKer the next. If he keeps this up, he should be a Selke candidate.

-Anyone else think the the new "Canada cheer" is the stupidest thing since Tie Domi?

-Price was hotter than the top of a bald bedouin's head until the first one beat him. He looked a bit rattled after that.

-I had a feeling the boring first would lull the Habs asleep. Now, the second has become their typically drowsy first.

-Laraque's as useless as a dildo in a convent.

-Thrashers pushed and the Habs bent over in that period. They're going to have to straighten their spines if they want a point in this one.

Hey, I didn't know so many of you were actually reading these. Thanks! So, without further ado:

Notes on the first:

-You could make a good hagis out of Metropolit. He's all heart, brains and guts.

-Laraque is like an aging starlet. He can't screw around like he used to, and his body can no longer guarantee him a job.

-And the winner of the one-pass-too-many sweepstakes: Sergei Kostitsyn.

-PING! Price is going to have to start thanking his posts, a la Roy.

-The arena in Atlanta is as lively as Hoedown Night at the rest home. And their "siren" sounds like a hotel room clock radio.

-Habs look a little bit bored. I don't like that. The Thrashers are used to playing in an energy-draining building. Habs are going to have to fight it like Dorothy in the poppy field.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see this JT - I've never commented before but I really enjoy your between period insights!

Jimvinny said...

Ummm, Dorothy couldn't fight it. And I don't think the Habs have a White witch to help them out.

Olivier said...

I couldn't understand why they kept booing Plekanec and Cammalleri who both had a few shots during the first...

They finally showed a close-up of Lehtonen, showint the word "MOOSE" written across his mask. We actually heard someone yell "Moose!" from the bench tp call Lehtonen when Hamr took his penalty.

Damn long delay for repairing a glass eh? Good thing they have the ice girls helping.

Raphaël P. said...


BTW you need to use google analytics to check your site stats. I'm pretty sure you'll find out that your period comments are actually your most popular posts...

Anonymous said...

H - Habitante

Joël said...

Yup, you totally nailed it about Laraque...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for deciding to stay ......the one about Laraque is good but my favorite is "wish someone would kick Sid in the nuts"......I love that one !!!!!
Price was praying the last one wouldn't go in-why is he on his knees so much

Anonymous said...

This is definitely why I love the site-- your recaps rock.

J.T. said...

@anon: Nope, H is for "hockey."

dusty said...

Love your period by period posts. As for the dildos, if nuns are anything like priests they are useful indeed.

Anonymous said...

Great ,hope you keep posting, really enjoy the comments,

Anonymous said...

quotes of the night:

"It's bad when you feel mild surprise every time a Hab comes off the boards in possesion of the puck"

"Was anyone esle hoping Markov would come out for the third?"

Jerry said...

can this team ever quit taking penalties?

GK said...


Where can I get a copy of the Encyclopedia of Comic Hockey Similies from which you quote so liberally?


jew4jah said...

the habs blog competition is at round 2. i already voted for you. promote thyself!
and thanks again for you posts & comments. always part of my daily read. wish i could afford to give you more than compliments...
happy jah-nukak

dwgs said...

JT, add me to the list of people who regularly visit your site but rarely comment. I pretty much always read your period by period posts, just not till after the game. We're here, we're just quiet, not like those yahoos at FHF.