Tuesday, December 1, 2009

leafs vs.Habs - I Hate These Jerks Edition

Notes on the third:

-This team sucks. If it can't win a vital game against the leafs, it's bad. When they don't show up, it's doomed. That is all.

-P.S. The weakass backhand flip up the boards on an attempted clear is the worst play in hockey.

-P.P.S. Owned by the leafs. Congratulations on the Centennial week, Habs. I expect more of the same as the Hubris Train pulls into the Hundred-Year Station.

Notes on the second:

-Have the Habs slain the Monster?

-Memo to Carey Price: Stay in your net! You are NOT Brodeur, and this dramatic passing is going to bite you in the ass.

-Colton Orr? When did he become a Habs killer?

-If Achilles had a weak spot in the heel, Pleks has a weak one in the faceoff circle. He's got to fight harder for the draws. He was over 50% with zero confidence last year, so something weird has happened to him.

-Pierre McGuire homoerotic comment of the period: Who is Mike Komisarek? What does his package mean to the team?

-The Montreal Canadiens: A hundred years of glory. Tanking for glory for the next hundred.

-If I wrote a letter to Santa and asked for a Cup, do you think he'd answer?

-Don't the Bell Centre fans realize when they boo the Habs they're making the traitor and Grabovski happy?

-Habs are fanning more than a black maid in Gone With the Wind.

-The good thing about drinking during games is if they lose, you're too drunk to care during and too hungover to care after.

-I see a gradual dawning that the team realizes it's sucking really hard. Will it make a difference? Stay tuned, if you have a strong stomach.

Notes on the first:

-All the pre-game stuff made me really proud to be a Habs fan. I wish this team could be *those* guys just one more time.

-Habs/leafs games just aren't enjoyable. They're nothing but compressed stress, like the caffeine in Red Bull. A whole lot of angst in a little can, waiting to explode.

-The puck's bouncing more than Dolly Parton on a treadmill.

-If Chipchura can't clear his own zone against the leafs, I expect him to be real up close and personal with the waiver wire soon.

-McGuire Homoerotic Comment of the Period: Mara has no backside coverage and the leafs take advantage.

-If they're gonna fight, I'd like 'em to celebrate the old days with a good old-fashioned bench clearing brawl. Let Carey beat up the Monster!

-Speaking of whom, it might be the only win Price gets tonight. It seems he's gone back to his traditional one crappy goal per game routine.

-Stupid leafs are laughing after the second goal. Can our guys not SEE that? Jeff Finger? You've got to be kidding me.

-Random thought of the period: I wonder if anyone ever gets a goal and an assist, then picks a fight, just so they can have the Gordie Howe?

-That was a worse period than the Dark Ages. Cue the comeback. Right?


Unknown said...

my stomach is certainly not strong enough for this painful mixture...
wake me up with three aspirines and a bloody mary, I'm going to bed.

Raphaƫl P. said...

your blog is starting to look better! :P This is kind of depressing to watch.... for now (still hoping for a miracle comeback...)

Denispelle said...

Just read the 1st sentence of your previous entry AFTER seeing the game tonight and reading your impressions about it.

«I don't know about you, but I'm really proud of the Habs so far this year.»

Me, too, and still am. But god they make it hard some times.

Anonymous said...

I hate these jerks too.....especially Komo and Ron Wilson !!
The thing I can't take is when they don't compete....
If you work and are beaten-ok but this is pathetic and I hate Gomez now too !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to be sure... We took Gomez away from the Rangers so they could sign Gaborik, right?

Scratch my back and I'll scr... Wait a minute, who's scratching ours!?

Howard said...

I'll be glad when the hubris train pulls out of the station for good and doesn't return for another 100 years! To cap it all off there'll be a two hour (yes two!) ceremony on Friday night. While I have every respect for the 100 years of tradition and greatness, this team is as far removed from the glory years of the 50's, 60's and 70's as can be. They don't seem to be taking that torch from the failing hands!

Unknown said...

Can we put the Alouette's management team in charge of the Habs, please?