Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Uncommon Sense

I just watched TSN reporting that Jaro Halak has asked to be traded. The network then proceeded to show a clip of Halak saying yes, he'd like to play more. But he likes Montreal and supports the team because the team winning is more important than who gets the start in the net. Sure, he said, he'd welcome the chance to play more, even if it meant playing more in another city. But he reminded everyone that Gainey makes those decisions, not an RFA goalie, and hell do what he's told. I can understand his desire to prove himself in a bigger role. He's earned a shot.

So, from that TSN gets that Halak has asked to be traded? Okay. I guess it's TSN's version of "the truth." Not surprising, when it comes to the Habs. This is the network that can't show any player highlight unless he's scoring against the Habs, or, in the case of a goalie, stoning the Habs. All Habs-based video shows a Canadien being stymied by Toskala, or, in the case of Price, allowing a Kessel goal or three.

I've already read comments from a bunch of Habs fans, dumping on Halak for his lack of team spirit and his alleged stated desire to bolt Montreal. He's getting cursed for reducing his trade value by letting the rest of the league know he's given Gainey a formal trade request.

I've seen the same video TSN is using to deduce Halak wants out. I don't quite come to the same conclusion, though. I hope, if Gainey *is* planning to move Halak, that the Canadiens get a solid return for him; something more useful than Halak himself is to the team right now. If that's not in the cards at this time, I feel confident Halak will suck it up and shut his mouth for the sake of the team, as he's been doing for the last two seasons.

There's no ultimatum here, and I'd like to see Canadiens fans collectively take a minute to listen to what he actually said before crapping on him.


Anonymous said...

TSN (Toronto Sports Network) consists of a bunch of morons and you are correct,they hate the Habs.
Not much difference between CBC and TSN,both sub par organizations now.
Bob McKenzie seems to be slightly intelligent but there are some real loosers who will do anything for a story,correct or not.

Number31 said...

What do you expect from TSN eh? Everyone seems to be jumping on it and using carefully edited soundbites to publish their own agenda.

Flyers aren't going to trade for him either. They just picked up two more goalies anyway.

Brian said...

Gainey will work any deal he can now. As a result, the Habs will not get full value for Halak. This is gonna be another brilliant "Janne Niinima" transaction.

Andrew Berkshire said...

I don't see how people have a right to be upset at Halak. You had to see this coming at the beginning of the year. Halak is too good to be a backup and wants a shot at #1. He's being outplayed by Price and will not get a shot in Montreal. Gainey wants to accommodate Jaro because he's been a team player since the moment he was drafted and deserves a shot somewhere. As long as we get decent return there's no harm no foul in this situation.

dwgs said...

I saw that TSN clip last night and had exactly the same "Wha?" reaction.

dusty said...

I like Halak but let's face facts. He's not a proven starter, he's only a backup and not outstanding in any way. He's young and wants a chance to be a No. 1 somewhere and he won't be in Montreal unless Price has a career ending injury. So he wants out. But Gainey knows Halak's worth on the market, maybe a second or third round draft pick, so he's in no hurry to move him as long as he plays hard and doesn't cause problems. Only Hab fans think Halak is great and other GM's want to get their hands on him. Dream on.

Shari said...

I hate to be the one to bring this up but what happens if Price decides to move on? I might be wrong but isn't he coming up on RFA? Don't shoot me HAB fans but I'm just throwing it out there.

Tête CHarée said...

Good call JT,

I too would like people to be informed and thoughtful before they open their traps (or computers), but what are the odds of that happening. Especially among the armchair GM's.

Jaro's gotten hind teat since Price showed up, despite often deserving much better. He's never acted like less than a team guy and certainly does not deserve the crap that he's likely to receive at the next home game he plays.

Rookie said...

I think I heard yesterday (RIS was on in the other room and I didn't run back to the TV in time) that Jaro chose not to comment when reporters asked him whether he had requested a trade... I'm not 100% sure what to think of that, but usually in PR it would mean that there's something to hide. I'm kind of leaning toward thinking he wants to be traded (and can't totally blame him for it) but personally I'd rather just wait to see whether he gets moved or not... speculation isn't helping anyone.